Level3 Lesson2 - Compiler Error in GetTransactionData

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I have been working on the Level 3 Lesson 2 exercise for a couple of days now and can’t seem to figure out how to resolve this error despite carefully following the walk through multiple times.
Following instructions and tips from this forum I’ve been able to resolve all of the common validation errors discussed in related threads with the exception of this.

I followed the suggestions mentioned by @ PrankurJoshi in this thread, but it does not seem to resolve the error in my case. Thank you for your help!

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you should be first deleted Get Transactions Items and try again

For error 1— go through this post
How to Solve The Recent Validation Error In Excel Application Scope

For other error please check data type somewhere you will used string instead of queues.


Thank you @dogebi and @sandeep13.

Is the Get Transactions Activity not required?

The walk through indicates that TransactionItem variable should be changed to string and that arguments which refer to the variable should also be changed to string.