Super Rookie: UiPath.Core.QueueItem cannot be converted to String

Hi Guys, I know this is very rookie, but I can’t seem to find the right solution for this issue. Did anyone encounter the same thing? Where am I doing things wrong? Do I need to change an argument type? If so, where? and to what?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Queue is not at all a string type, it can contains many values in a particular index with different key names @CommanderBlutwurst

If you want to assign a value in a queue item to the string variable, you need to give as

queueItem.SpecificContent(“required key”)


Thanks for your help.

To get this right, the assign activity should look like this…?

CashIn = in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“CashIn”)

I am stuck at the walkthrough exercise of the advance training, Page 8 & 9

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May be the TransactionItem is string from the beginning in the screenshot. But when we use the ReFramework, we will have the transaction item as QueueItem. So, we can continue the same or else, we can create the queue item with the strings and then push it to Orchestrator.

But we can convert queueitem to string using ctype operations. if it accepts also, we will get null value @CommanderBlutwurst . No problem, you can move forward with the thing you are doing now

ok… and how am i doing that? :slight_smile:

Im also going through the Walkthrough and the Document just shows a screenshot with 3 Assign Activities, where the most important part is Cut Off

The Assign Activities and Variables should look like this:


I’m also stuck up on the same, thanks for your help.