Cannot Access Indicated Browser - Chrome - Web App

Hello Everyone,

I am getting an error indicated below. If i restart browser a couple of times, the problem is not seen but this is not a long term solution ,becasue It is not clear what causes the error. it usually shows up when i first log in to the server and open the web app. When I check the elements of the web app it seems like no elements recognized in Ui Framework : Default but the browser itself. And even if i try to indicate whole browser page which is recognized in every ui mode, it gives me “cannot access” error . It is starting to recognize elements in the AA mode every time but I have finished the all project in Default mode which normally works smoothly . That didnt happen before. My all packages are up to date. Chrome is the only compatible browser.

Thank you for your help.


are you trying to open the chrome in incognito?

No I am not

then first check your chrome has any pending update and then try installing the chrome extension again using cmd.


Check for this troubleshoot doc on chrome extension

If the above steps doesn’t fit in then reinstall the extension, clear browser cache, Pls restart the machine and give a try

Cheers @Nurullah_Kus

If I update the chrome, some other web apps are not working in new versions. I reinstalled the extension but not from cmd. Is it important to use cmd? There is no other app that this situation appear by the way.

The problem is really so weird. I did everything but it is not working stable. I have opened the chrome with start application and pass the url as a parameter but it didnt work fine, especially in debug mode. Again I ve opened chrome with start application and tried to open the site with “navigate to” but it didnt work well too. My observation is that they are all so bad in debug mode but in run mode start application with parameter works fine %70-80 , open browser works 50-50 and navigate url is about only %20-30. I have put 2 minute delay and made count 5-6 times but it didnt work fine. The interesting part is that site is working very well manually but uipath. I checked the site settings and all the script settings are allowed. I have disable all security settings and again nothing is solved. The IE was the best but there is no support anymore. I think uipath should make an agreement with google. It really doesnt work stable with web apps. The funny part is that problem is only with opening part. There is no problem with rest of the things.

Yes, at times the cmd options works best when you are in an enterprise environment. I have suggested you as it has been observed ans also we have confirmed this from UiPath.

Also, if you are not willing to update Chrome, that anyway is not a good idea, the application that eill not work on newer version needs to be maintained and be ready to future updates/change

You may consider contacting the UiPath Technical Support Team, they might suggest you some workaround.