Excel application scope closing other excel documents?

We have an automation with an excel application scope to read in some data from an excel sheet for processing. We’ve noticed that if other excel workbooks are open that the bot will close down those other workbooks when it gets to the excel application scope. Is there anything we can do to keep this from happening?

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Excel Application Scope by itself doesn’t close Excel application.
Is there a step in your workflow to stop or kill Excel process on certain condition/situation such as exception handling?

We checked that first. We don’t have any kills or stops within the workflow. We even have the excel application scope isolated to a single xaml. When running that file alone we still see it closing other excel documents.

Do you want to ONLY close 1 excel and leave the others open? Because this is easy to do

That’s the goal. Our end users will have other excel documents open when using the automation, however during QA they noted that when running the bot their other excel documents would close. We want to keep that from happening.

What you can do is get the Window Title of your Excelworkbook and close it.
Since WindowTitle is unique in Excel it’s pretty safe.

the outWindow variable [Window] goes into the Element of Get Attribute Activity

If another window is activated by a user or other process you still have the window title stored and close it regardless.
If you want to close a non-active workbook you just need to find a way to find your windowtitle (if its fixed and does not change its very simple: just put it in the selector for close).

I am having the same issue also. I have left a few excel documents and when the process run, Excel application scope closes all existing excel files. There is no function to kill any excel files in my program. Older versions of excel activities packages (relased in 2018/2019) don’t have this problem. Could you share if you have resolved this?


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