Excel Application scope inside a excel application scope

is it possible to open or invoke another workflow which contains another excel application scope inside a excel application scope? which means opening two excel file to do separate works.

If not, any idea to do it? Many thanks

Hi @raymondhui

I do not think you should need that specifically because in any case if you read you have the data in datatable to work on

And if you write specific cell or range it is also possible, so as per your question there should not be a problem in doing that.


hi @PrankurJoshi

Actually i need coz i need to write each sheet in a excel to another one. I use for loop to read the sheet inside a excel because I won’t know the name and how many of the sheet. After I read the sheet I need to write it to another workbook.


Excel Application Scope Activity

I do not recommend having an excel application scope inside of another there probably a better way to execute what we are trying to accomplish.