Can we have a UiPath Mentoring Program?

The Mentoring Program can helps UiPath members share knowledge and ideas, and aid less experienced members in gaining expertise and building a professional network. Mentors can be paired with mentees by association (college or employer) or interests or geographic region.



Good Idea


@radutzp what do we think we will need to do to spread this idea? could we do a poll maybe to check if the other member would be interested in either being a mentor or a mentee?


@loginerror @ovi could we look into this? Is this feasible?


Would you like to be a Mentor or a Mentee in a UiPath Mentoring Program?

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@VirajN first step is the poll you mentioned. Let’s see how many of you are interested and then we can work together to figure out the next steps. Thanks for this idea, keep them coming :wink:


thank you @ovi I am glad to be a part of such a supportive family :slight_smile:


Hey @ovi

Intereseted in this. Also if you can suggest me a good mentor too ? so at same time i will be a mentee too :slight_smile:



lol @aksh1yadav as a mentee :smile:


Yes, I think we can have this as well, the possibility to be a mentor and a mentee :slight_smile:


@ovi @loginerror @radutzp so do you guys think we can assign mentors to the mentees who are interested till now or do we wait for a little longer so see more numbers come in.

Can we start off a pilot batch and with its success other mentors & mentees might get motivated to contribute towards making the UiPath community stronger. :slight_smile:


Hi @virajN,

Nice idea :slight_smile: , keep commig up with new ideas

Few questions for @ovi

  1. What will be role of the mentor and the mentee. (Detailed Do’s and Dont’s for mentor and mentee)
  2. Mentoring Program can helps UiPath members share knowledge and ideas - How they will communicate with each other
    a. If in forum how, public or through private message or they will exchange numbers
    b. If its public, can only the mentor provide ideas and share knowledge for their mentees
    c. If its private message , will the secret knowledge and ideas will be only between mentor and mentee.
    d. Is Exchanging Numbers a good idea
  3. What if more than one mentee wants a single mentor
  4. How a mentor will be assigned to a mentee

If we are clear with above questions, more people will show interest in joining.

What i think is complete forum is an ocean of mentors and mentees, whenever a mentee wants help they can post in forum, and with what i have seen within minutes of post created the answers have been given by multiple people with different kind of solutions.


Very well said Anil, this forum is a vast ocean of knowledge. But the forum is like a book and we (at least juniors) need a teacher to guide us. Most of us on the forum are looking for a xaml file than a hint to solve the problem. This is not helping many like you and me who are having the hunger to learn and hence I feel having a mentor is needed.

I believe the mentors should choose how many mentees each would like. The mentors should each have their own selection criteria to select mentees.

Some teachers like teaching in a park while some like teaching in a closed room. Similarly the mentor should decide how s/he would want to teach. I personally would love my mentor to give me task and a time frame to complete it. Once the task is complete i should be able to answer each and every question for that task as I would have completed it myself.

My mentor can also judge my shortcomings and suggest me ways to over come them. This will again help me improve which I doubt will have over the forum.



Wow 12 people have already voted to be a mentor, is this a great start or what. I look forward to the next steps in this program which will definitely help in crafting some world class developers.

@anil5 I was really hoping to see you too as a mentor :smiley:


Thanks for the input guys! It’s a very fresh idea, we’ll come back to you shortly :slight_smile:


Hey, everyone!

We’re super hyped to see the enthusiasm about the mentoring program and we came up with some guidelines and ideas for it. :exploding_head:

Let’s try this as a pilot and see how it turns out. As @VirajN said, maybe more people might get motivated to contribute to make this program and whole community even stronger.


  1. whoever wants to join the program should vote there, in the poll at the start of this thread, so we can have a general overview about the people involved and the number of relationships
  2. some ideas about the roles can be found the in document attached to this message
  3. assigning or choosing the mentees should be at your choice, at least for now, in a very simple way: mentors vote that they want mentees, mentees vote that they want a mentor and then the mentees simply look at the list of mentors available and write to that/those with who they want to work (start a mentorship relation). Mentors can accept or decline and the process is this way as simple as it can be
  4. you can communicate through the Forum (privately) and then choose any other way that is good for both of you (Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp etc)
  5. maybe there is a way to share the insights from the meetings - every mentee can make a recap of whatever he/she found out during the mentorship meeting and post it here (dunno if it’s really a good idea, we’re testing, remember? :smiley: )
  6. every month I will write personally to whoever voted to check and see what’s happening with your mentorship (just to check in and see if all is well, no other reason)

This list of ideas and logistics is open to change, so your feedback is greatly appreciated and needed. So please, speak your mind. But also choose your mentors and just start!

basically everyone in this thread :))

Mentoring - UiPath.pdf (124.9 KB)


@DeaTo thank you so very much for this. I am going to start writing to mentors to check if anyone would like to take me under their wing :slight_smile:

i hope the selection process is not too tough :smiley:


Hi everyone,

Good luck to everyone who will participate in this awesome initiative! Kudos to @DeaTo for acting so swift on the idea and of course to @VirajN for suggesting it in the first place :slight_smile:

Let your professional careers flourish!

I also wanted to say that due to heavy workload, I will not be able to mentor anyone just yet.
Hopefully in the future though! :slight_smile:
(there is no way for me to ‘unvote’ myself from the poll, thus this short disclaimer)




@Dea - Waiting for My Mentees :slight_smile:

Who wants me as a Mentor :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:
It is an Auction Thing :100:

:rofl: Vote for Me :slight_smile: