Help us improve the community-born mentoring initiative

Hello UiPath Community :slight_smile:

Please have a look at this post from @Corina_Gheonea about ways you can help us create more robust approach to mentoring each other in the automation journey.

Even though the message was directed towards users who participated in the try-out phase of the program, we would like you all to help us shape this initiative.


This is amazing… We actually should get this running again. I was actually thinking about this couple of days back, There are many people who need help in the forum, and being active members, its a great way to help them out through the mentoring programs. I still do mentoring for some people here…

I will come up with a list shortly and update… In the meantime, can we have little promotion on this program again, so we can get more people involved in this? This post is quite old now, and need some boosting :slight_smile:


This is why we made a special global pin for this one :slight_smile: Check out the last post in the topic above for the latest news from @Corina_Gheonea :slight_smile: