Can we have a UiPath Mentoring Program?

Hey, everyone!

We’re super hyped to see the enthusiasm about the mentoring program and we came up with some guidelines and ideas for it. :exploding_head:

Let’s try this as a pilot and see how it turns out. As @VirajN said, maybe more people might get motivated to contribute to make this program and whole community even stronger.


  1. whoever wants to join the program should vote there, in the poll at the start of this thread, so we can have a general overview about the people involved and the number of relationships
  2. some ideas about the roles can be found the in document attached to this message
  3. assigning or choosing the mentees should be at your choice, at least for now, in a very simple way: mentors vote that they want mentees, mentees vote that they want a mentor and then the mentees simply look at the list of mentors available and write to that/those with who they want to work (start a mentorship relation). Mentors can accept or decline and the process is this way as simple as it can be
  4. you can communicate through the Forum (privately) and then choose any other way that is good for both of you (Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp etc)
  5. maybe there is a way to share the insights from the meetings - every mentee can make a recap of whatever he/she found out during the mentorship meeting and post it here (dunno if it’s really a good idea, we’re testing, remember? :smiley: )
  6. every month I will write personally to whoever voted to check and see what’s happening with your mentorship (just to check in and see if all is well, no other reason)

This list of ideas and logistics is open to change, so your feedback is greatly appreciated and needed. So please, speak your mind. But also choose your mentors and just start!

basically everyone in this thread :))

Mentoring - UiPath.pdf (124.9 KB)