Join the UiPath Community Mentorship Program!


:loudspeaker: Join the UiPath Mentorship Program!

We are thrilled to inform you that UiPath just launched a new program carefully crafted especially for RPA enthusiasts who are at the beginning of their automation journey: UiPath Community Mentorship.

We put all our passion into building this Program because, as you know, you know we’re all about learning and growth, ours, as well as our Community Members’. We hope it will bring even more diversity and that it will build on your (and all the mentors’ and mentees’) openness, as well as on your curiosity and appetite for understanding unique viewpoints and experiences.

You have a vast knowledge of UiPath platforms, a great career and the vision and willingness to work with people and to grow a community around you?


You are a curious and open RPA professional early in your career looking to learn from the real-life experiences of others?

:exclamation: We have the perfect opportunity for you :slight_smile:

Sign up in the program as MENTORS.


Register in the program as MENTEES.

:date: You can join the program anytime, but we’d love to see you up there as soon as possible.

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For more details on the program , visit the UiPath Community Mentorship page and feel free to ask any questions here. :arrow_down: :arrow_down:


Hi @DeaTo

I’m applying to participate as a Mentor, but this questions

(Mandatory only for mentees) Do you have a project where to apply the knowledge and skills from the mentoring program?

make me think I need to be a mentee first. Is that correct?


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Hey @AndresTarazona

That question is just for mentees, whether if they have any project currently they have to work on and need mentorship/guidance on that.

If you have certain level of UiPath experience that you can share and help a person to get into UiPath and grow efficiently, participate as a mentor.

However there is an option to be a mentor and a mentee too. See you there…


Thanks for the answer @rahulsharma !

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joined the mentor program and had my first chat with a mentor. such a good idea and I am looking forward to the progression on this relationship.


Hey, @David_Bishop! We’re happy that you are excited about the program and we hope it’ll bring you the best results! Keep us posted about your growth.

If you gave feedback on the program, feel free to message me!