Is it Possible to Get Personal Coaching in UiPath Development?

Hello Everyone:

I just discovered RPA exists literally a week ago, and my mind is exploding with 1000s of ideas with how to make it work in my business, but whenever I try to go into any tutorials, the instructors are either going too fast or discussing material that I don’t see being relevant to what I’m trying to do.

I know exactly the processes that I want to automate, how they should work, and what the inputs / outputs should be. However, the resources that are offered out there tend to tangent in multiple directions that stray away from what I’m trying to accomplish.

Is it possible to pay someone to coach or train them in building out the RPA? I have the logic mapped out, and am willing to pay someone hourly rates for this type of coaching.

Please let know if something like this exists?


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Hey @ak47

Instead of paying you can try this program :slight_smile:


How do I get started in that program? I would like to get more information.

Can you add me on linkedin as well?

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Hey @ak47

You can just go through that thread for better understanding about program. :slight_smile:


have you gone through the uipath academy? its free and should be your first starting point.