Difficulty with modern folders

Hey guys,
I always worked with classic folders in the Orchestrator, but today I needed to create a new account and I didn’t find the option of classic folder, only modern folders.
It seems that the concept of parameterization of robots has changed a little and I am completely lost.

Could someone give me a direction on how to set up UiPath Assistent - unattended?

Hey @tainan.ramos

Creating unattended robots in the new Modern Folder Orchestrator environment was the question I got the single-most. I’ve created this “get started” guide :slight_smile: Feedback is very welcome.

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Hi @AndersJensen ,
Thanks a lot for the help.
Your tutorial is very good, congratulations.

I did exactly as you did in the video. I followed the same steps and managed to go much further than when I tried alone, but the process does not start.

It is in the task list with the status “Pending”.

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I hadn’t noticed a detail in the user’s domain.
After correcting this slide, the process works perfectly.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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Hey again, Tainan - I’m so glad to hear :slight_smile:

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