Scraping one piece of information from multiple URLs

I am building a process that looks at multiple URLs and scrapes 1 element from each page. However when i try to use the data scraping function, UIpath requires 2 versions of the same element to train it where to look for the data. I have tried to train using 2 URL examples however an error message pops up so this doesnt work. Can I use the screen scraping function to do this if the element i want to scrape is the element’s URL not just the text? If not, is there another way i can do this?

I am new to UIpath so let me know if i am using the wrong terms / any other context on the problem is needed!

Hi @emily.williams

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You can use get text activity if there is only element to extract

Hope this helps


Can you please post the screenshots of at least 2 links and highlight the data to be retrieved?