How to copy and paste data from web application -> Selector not found

Hello everybody,

I am new to Uipath and trying to extract data from a textbox in a web application and paste it to another textbox. I tried to use “Get text” and indicate the element on the screen but it didn’t work telling me that it couldn’t find the selector. Also indicating the element in the UI explorer and copying the selector into the Selector region of Get text didn’t work.

I also tried jumping into the textbox with the tab key and copying with ctrl + c but there it tells me that the UI element is no longer valid. Sometimes while doing the Type into tab and sometimes while send hotkeys ctrl + c.

How can I do that correctly?

Many thanks in advance.

Hello @juka

Did you tried use the command “Get OCR Text”?

The command Get Text are use in text fields, like field system.

The OCR will be “read” the image and detect the text in this image.

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Hi @ arthurfsantos11

thanks for your help.
Unfortunately this doesn’t work either. I get the error message: “Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector”. I tried to indicate the textbox I want to get the text from on the screen.

Any other suggestions to fix that problem?

Many thanks.

In this case you cannot provide any selector for any activities, try to use send hot key and OCR/image based automation… avoid providing seletors.

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I guess the selector is dynamic, you have to use wildcards to solve this.

Can you take screenshot of selector of the textbox three times from UiExplorer and post??


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Hi @megharajky,
thanks for your help.

Here are the screenshots:
(I can only post one screenshot at a time beacause I’m a new user. I’ll try to put them in the next post but as far as I can see its always the same.)

I always closed the app before taking another screenshots.

Many thanks!

The second one:

@juka Is it possible to share url that you are looking

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Hi @indra,
thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately not because it is an internal web app where you need an authorization.

@juka Follow this Link

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Hi @indra,

thanks for the link.
I tried to do that but it threw the following error:

Do you know why?

Best regards.

Hi @indra,

now i got it. Just needed to replace the selctor that was automatically generated by using the “indicate on screen” function with the one form UI explorer.

Thank you very much!


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