Need help with editing selector

I am trying to use a get text activity to scrape a value from a webpage to place into an excel file.

I am having issue with editing the selector to work with every webpage, since there will be mulitple pages. I can get the selector to work with the first page I test but then when I switch to another webpage, the selector is valid but still returns the first webpage’s value and not the value from the current webpage shown.

Here is the default selector created by UiPath, I am using a partial selector.

Here is what I updated, just putting a wildcard into the parentid

So this selector is valid for every webpage I go to but the get text activity always just returns the first page’s value even when I am on a different webpage with a new value. So wondering what I can do with the selector to make it work.

update: so I am able to get my selector to return the current value by doing a browser refresh first each time. I assume its due to parent id not updating for the entire page because the webpages are embedded in a top page if that makes any sense. Is there a more elegant solution to this? How do I find the current page’s parentid using a get attribute activity?