Small amount of selectors. Creating selectors?

Hello, I’m having a problem with finding selectors in a certain software I have to work with. When I use get text, I can’t identify the text I’m trying to scrape. I only identify 3 selectors, which only have something to do with the title of the software. So I tried using Google OCR. this sort of works, but is not accurate. It would also be optimal to not use a clipping region for the text. If a selector can not be found in the software, should I create my own selectors? Is that possbile?


Are you saying that when you try to select the elements it will only grab the entire window as one element? If that is the case, you might need to Get Text of entire window, then using string manipulation (for example .Split() by a delimitter string and/or newline character) you can get the text you require.

If Get Text will not pull the text out at all, then you might be stuck with OCR, which depending on the pixelation can be more accurate if you play with the Scale parameter and zoom of the text enough.

You can’t make your own selector in UiPath but you can use the UiExplorer (found in the top ribbon of Studio) to verify the validation of the selector being used or test element selection. If it is an application developed internally and you would like to code/provide selectors for UiPath to look at, I am not sure how to do that.

I hope this is helpful.


Yeah Get Text will only extract the name of the application window. No matter where I click. OCR will have to be my best bet I guess then. It works, sort of.

What application/technology it is?
It would be useful to know, both for Uipath and other community members, if it is possible for you to share some details.

Citrix. So I’ve went the hot key route. And in order to find the value I needed I went to a different page and was able to use Scrape Relative (Citrix Recording)