Can someone help me with the explanation?!

When we choose the attended mode of license then only UiPath assistant is getting installed then how can we run the process in this case can someone help me!
my question is without the studio how can we publish the package and then deploy it to orchestrator?


Attended license is to run attended processes only

If you need to devlop and all you need a developer license

Generally how clients use isā€¦developmnet is done by a 3rd party compny using their licenses and then bots are deployed on the target client system by uploading nupkg to orchestrator directly


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Your developers use Studio to write the automations and publish them.

Your end users use Assistant to run the automations.

Developers and end users are usually different people. If you need the same person to develop and run the automations, then they need a developer license and Studio installed along with Assistant.


This is extract from UiPath documentation about licenses.

Depending on the type of license selected, you can perform the following:

  • Attended - UiPath Studio is used with an Attended license, which means that the user can only run or debug processes, and not edit workflows.
  • Automation Developer / Citizen Developer - UiPath Studio is licensed with its native type of license, which means that the user can run, modify, and debug processes. Studio can also be licensed with RPA Developer, RPA Developer Pro, and Test Developer Pro licenses available in versions prior to 2021.10.
  • Non-Production - UiPath Studio is used with a Non-Production license, meaning that the user can troubleshoot workflows.
  • Unattended - UiPath Studio is used with an Unattended license, meaning that the user can troubleshoot workflows.

Reference Link for more details:

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