Uipath assistant is showing connected and license withou sign in and when i signed in it show orchestrator connected but unable to retrieve license. Can someone help me understand why is this happening i faced this issue recently

Need help.

Can someone help me understand this situation and is it something worrying?

Could you please point out the mouse on assistant license status and send a screenshot.

Assitant shows connected,licensed wothout sign in but when i sign in it then shows o uipath assistant shows the yellow light and then when i just click the sign out button it goes back to the greent light with connected, licensed m working in a for a bank project.

Hello @Fahad_Masood

This is because license is not properly allocated in the cloud. Here uipath assistant is connected to orchestrator and no license is allocated to the robot. Please watch the below video for the licensing and setup.

Dear Rahul,
We are working on a vm server and we have bought the trial license and activated it. Now we are facing a problem of why we are facing this issue in order to enable the license we have to enable tbe configure trouble shoot session to get the license activated in uipath assistant rather than doing it directly from uipath assistant. We are getting the connected,lincebsed green light wothout sign in but as soon as we sign in it show the yellow light then when we just sign out it goes back to green light. So it this something really worrying or not thats what i wamt to know and if there is a solution to this problem or not

Hello @Fahad_Masood,
From my understanding of your problem,
If you are facing a problem with Security authentication please share with us the orchestrator version you use.
you could try open → Allow both user authentication and robot key authentication.
to be able to connect both sign-in and machine-key.

I hope I could help you,
happy automation :robot: .

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Dear AAydi,
I have to check that in the office tomorrow then i’ll let you know btw we are using the latest version of uipath orchestrator

Dear Abdulreahman,
i tried to do what you’ve asked me to and when i go to the security its shows these options rather than the one you’ve shared.

Dear Abdulrehman,
I"ve shared the screenshots still waiting for your response. Please let me know what i can do or check next in order to solve this problem. Its urgent.

Dear @Fahad_Masood,
Sorry for not responding quickly, I hope you get the issue resolved… If you’re still having the same problem, I’d love to know if you follow these steps:

  • when taking the Machine key from the orchestrator using Machine template not Machine Standards

  • add the machine production(Unattended) licenses in the machine template you create.

  • create a new user in the Manage access panel and in the robot setup activate Unattended Robot and enable Machine login credentials and add the machine Domain\User - password of the machine. Used by the robot to sign in to the machine.

  • finally, create a new modern folder and in the setting assign the new user create and the machine.

I hope I could help you if you are still facing the same problem, feel free to send us feedback.
happy automation :robot: .