UiPath Assistant is not showing up anything

Installed studio, able to open assistant but unable to do anything on it.
Any help would be appreciated.

HI @Ganga_Reddy

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Can you share any screenshots?


Thanks for the reply
Please find the attachment

@Ganga_Reddy From task manager stop UiPath assistant and check

I did the same as said. Now, I’m getting as shown in image.
Look and feel is completely different from the normal assistant.

Please see the attachment.

Do you have an attended license assigned to this machine?
Did you connect your robot to Orchestrator in order to get a license?
Do you add your robot user in a folder where you have some processes?

I’m new to UiPath and I don’t know whether I have performed all the steps you have mentioned. But, as per my understanding I think I have.
I’ve restarted my system, I can see some difference from the past one.
Attached the screen shot, please have a look and let me know whether all the required controls are loaded on the assistant page.