Can not open Uipath these day. Help,I don't know what happened?

I can’t open uipath recently. I try to download a new one, but it still doesn’t work.
please help!


Can you open a ticket to uipath support?


sorry, I am new to use Uipath.
I don’t know what is ticket? could you tell me more about how to fix this problem?


Once you raise a ticket to uipath support team, they would reach you out and sort prob out.
Is it just loading and it’s not opening right?
you may perform Repair the uipath through Control Panel.


Okey, thank you…
but how can i raise a ticket?is it the right place?

but ,they said we don’t offer support for it on our ticketing platform for free user…


Hello @233214496,

This is happening for all the projects or for old ones?
Did you installed the latest version pf UiPath studio?
Are you using some sort of TFS/GIT?
What folders you have here?

Did you check this?:

I hope it helps.