Can not indicate windows form item on Microsoft Dynamic AX



Scenario: We have windows form application which is written by Microsoft Dynamic AX but we cannot use UIPath to indicate item on this application. Is there anyone know about this issue, please give us some advices

OS Version: Windows Server 2016


Hello there ,

I think UIPAth is compatible with Microsoft Dynamic.Are you using 2017 edition?
If nothing works then you need to go with image automation.
@Gabriel_Tatu any thoughts on this? :thinking:


Hi @ddpadil,

Yeah, I am using 2017 edition.
I am trying to find solution for indicating UI element on that app because my customer don’t want to use image automation.

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Did you try with UiExplorer ?


Yeah, I tried UiExplore but it didn’t work.


Hi AnhTH15,

Can you please collect some low level traces and share the .etl file so we could investigate? In order to do so:

  1. enable low level tracing:
  • UiPath.settings file - LowLevelTracing parameter set it to true
  • or from command line UiRobot.exe --enableLowLevel
  1. use UiExplorer to select something in the app
  2. disable tracing:
  • LowLevelTracing parameter set it to false
  • or from command line UiRobot.exe --disableLowLevel

You can also open a ticket(attach there the .etl file if you don’t want to share it public on forum):

Java application crash during recording attempt

Hi, ovi, did you find the solution for this problem? Because Uipath robot gets unstable while automating Microsoft Dynamic AX in background: sometimes elements are not being found, sometimes type into activity doesn’t work as should. Changing properties of activities doesn’t help much.