UiPath and Microsoft Dynamics 2004


Do someone already works with Microsoft Dynamics 2004 ?

I’m trying to automate some process but I can not do anything. I tried activities hand by hand or desktop recording but each time I’m playing my scenario I have an error “selector not found” at the first click activity then the software stop working and closes itself automatically.

Any idea ?

Or maybe someone has the same issue with an another application ?

I know it’s an old version but I can not update it … Company policy :slight_smile:

will selector work for first time.?

I do not understand your question. In different places, I tried with multiple click activities and only with one click activity but it’s always the same issue: “not found” at the first click then AX crashs.

Is there any plugin to add to UiPath to use AX ?

Hi @promo

You could try to find any possible accessibility options within the software that would help boost the visibility of the elements.

Also, you could try different properties of the Click activity - unfortunately, if it doesn’t work with the default, native click, it might not be possible with the Simulate Click or SendWindowsMessages.

You can also try different UI Frameworks in the UiExplorer to see if there are better selectors available:

Lastly, if all else fails, you can try to surface automate the software using image recognition activities.

After few test it seems to work with default click activity options and “Active accessibility” in the ui explorer.

I need to check all selector one by one but at least I can do something.

Now, small question why ? What is the difference between “Default” and “Active Accessibility” ?

See here:


These are simply different ways of accessing elements and they depend on the way application communicates with the OS. Older apps can work with a different method.

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