UiPath does not update elements

I have made the robot on one computer and it is going to be runned on another. First of all it is made on Win 7, and the computer it is going to be runned on is Win 10. Because of this I have to identify a couple of elements again.

I have moved over the UiPath file and the .screenshot folder. The screenshots load succesfully into the robot, but when i try to change the elements by “indicate on screen” nothing happens.

How could i solve this?

Hi Andreas,

Can you tell more about your process(workflow/activities - what are you automating: desktop app, browser, image etc.) and Studio version? Is it the same on both machines?


I’m automating desktop app. The robot is going to identify elemtens, images and text through the process. It also works with excel and outlook.

The machine that is going to run the robot is a virtual machine installed on a server, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter 64-bit.

As far as I can see it is the same version of the software, 2017.1.6522.

When clicking “indicate on screen” on the element exist activity nothing happens, I get the possibility to select elements. But no Selector or “screenshot” is registred.

Could this be the case?

It looks like it is .net 4.6 so that should not be the issue.

Hi there,

I could figure out on installing Uipath via cmd

msiexec /a d:\Setup.msi (D:\setup.msi is the full path of your installation file)


In case the installation from MSI file could not able to start UiRobot service, please try the ‘Certificate Path Validateion Settings’.