Setting Up and managing multiple robots on one workstation

Hi All,

Needing help understanding how UiPath works and my options moving forward.

Have been using Orchestrator to run a process which has the purpose of data entry into a web app. All has been good and now the plan is to add more robots.

Does anyone know if:

  1. Is it possible to add multiple unattended robots to one machine (server) and one AD account?
  2. if yes, would it cause issues if the robots were using the same process?
    Or would it be as simple as just creating multiple jobs and assigning different robots?


  1. Set Up Multiple Robots: Configure multiple unattended robots on your server using a single Active Directory (AD) account.
  2. Ensure Process Compatibility: Confirm that your automation process can handle multiple instances running simultaneously without issues like data conflicts.
  3. Create Jobs in Orchestrator: Define multiple jobs in UiPath Orchestrator for your automation process. Each job represents a separate instance of the process.
  4. Assign Robots to Jobs: Assign different robots to each job. This ensures that each instance of the process is executed by a unique robot, even if they share the same machine.
  5. Monitor and Adjust: Keep an eye on performance and resource usage using Orchestrator’s monitoring tools. If needed, scale up by adding more robots or adjusting resources.
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Hi Krishna,

Thank you for outlining the process and confirming it is possible.

Could you please provide advice of the process involved in completing step 1?

Do you know of any documentation that details the involved steps?

Is there any best practise you are aware of when configuring multiple robots to 1 AD account?
- I was reading elsewhere that there are considerations like each robot should be created on
a new machine object and environment?

Thanks :slight_smile: