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I have a seperate server where I’m installing orchestrator and a seperate machine where I’m connecting my process through orchestrator so it will run there into the development machine. Do i need to install Uipath studio in orchestrator server too? Please reply. I’m confused. Thanks in advance.

no buddy not needed
the reason is as you have another machine with studio and any how you are going to use that and connect here with this orchestrator in another server
unless you want to have one more studio in addition we can have that in the server where orchestrator is available
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Thanks @Palaniyappan,

So i am going to the correct path right? As we have a seperate server where installing orchestrator and SQL enterprise with the same server and having multiple processes in my orchestrator (using that server) connecting with the different machines. Right?
Please correct me.

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yah you are

yes exactly
we can connect multiple machines in that orchestrator

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Thank you so much :blush:
Sorry for bothering. Just a last question i have in my mind. If we have a development machine with different users so can i run the different processes with different users login with same machine ?


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Though it’s a same machine being different users we need to have studio installed in each user
Because the software that I have installed in my user login will not be there when you login to the same machine
Apart from that if we want to run different process with different users in same machine at a time
Then we need to have high density robot
For more details

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@Palaniyappan thank you soo much :slight_smile:

Got my all answers. Again thanks .


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