Can I do some of the steps in Level 3 Assignment 1 differently?

I’m trying to finish the 1st assignment for RPA developer level 3 and I’m having issues with regards to browser elements, and not being able to use click activity on them properly. I’m currently using send hotkey activity ‘enter’ as a workaround and I was wondering if this would cause me to fail the assignment, or is this fine as long as the result is similar?

Hi @BenMar

Can you share the screenshot of the error for browser element


Hi @AshwinS2 , thanks for your response.

In the first one I’m trying to emulate an “incorrect login” scenario which would run the send email activity workflow. I need to be able to click OK in order to retry the login, but as you can see the whole browser is being selected, and I’ve notice that lagging generally occurs whenever I try to indicate this particular pop up on screen.

This also occurs during the updating work item details, so far I’ve just done a send hot key workaround, but I’m worried that this will cause me to fail.

I’m using a chrome v76 with UiPath extension.

Hi @BenMar
is UiPath extension installed in chrome

based on that you can check

Ashwin S

Hi @AshwinS2

Yup, UiPath extension is installed and working properly, other parts relating to browser interaction of the activity are working properly, the problem only occurs for these particular popups. I could probably do some selector editing using UiExplorer, but I thought since the send hot key gets me the results I need I could just do that.