UIpath assignment No 1(Calculate Client Security Hash) issue


The program goes upto SHA-1 and calcuates hash for the first client. After that the program aborts and the error is attached in the screenshot. I have tried pointing out to the correct UI element, but everytime it aborts at the same point. Any further suggestion let me know.

Is that Click button activity is placed within a attach browser activity
And also enable Simulate click property
Cheers @AravindS

I hope when you click on update work item, then it will open the another window to enter the code you got. then you need to pass the value in the new window opened. But here you are trying to click on the update work item in another window which is not in that indicated window. Hope you understand the issue @AravindS

Hey @AravindS

Make sure you are on the same screen when the workflow tries to execute this click activity. It looks like you are in another page when this is being executed.

Also, I would recommend you to use an attach browser activity for these activities…