Calculate Client Security Hash under advanced course in uipath


I am doing advanced assignment in uipath. While running the assignment, I am getting error as displayed in the screenshot. The issue is “Type Into ‘INPUT email’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: ”. While running it goes upto acme site. After that not proceeding further. There is issue in validating email and password while running. So need your guidance.


Are these activities inside Open Browser or Attache Browser activity ?

—keep that TYPE INTO ACTIVITY inside the attach browser activity
—and enable SIMULATE TYPE Property in the property panel of TYPE INTO activity

Cheers @AravindS

Open Browser activity

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Ok. Is browser got opened at the time performing this activity or not ?

Hi @AravindS

check below screen shot

Kommi Jeevan.

Yes. Acme site came. After that it is not performing further actions.

your Typeinto activity’s selector is incorrect. Just validate and repair it

it should look something like this

Have attached the screenshot. It is like that only as displayed.

good go ahead and test only this workflow and check if it is fine

earlier selector was missing ‘app’ attribute


Have you installed chrome extension ?

If not then go to Uipath studio → Tools page and install extension and restart both Uipath studio and Chrome application.

And also Uipath recommend to use IE browser to work with ACME site and Uipath can easily identify elements.