Can a customer run my project without connecting to my Orchestrator/Robot?


Im making a UiPath project that I going to send over by email to a potensial customer. What is the best practice to do that?

The customer have installed Uipath Studio and have their own Orchestrator. When they receives the project, they only want to press play.

Is it possible to make my project on my PC, connect it to my Orchestrator, and send it over to the customer and they just press play? I maybe have to upload the project as a packages and send the path?

Please help me, I’m new with UiPath. Thank you in advaced :slight_smile:

lets go one by one

First connect your machine where the studio and process is designed with that studio.
as we have connected our machine to the orchestrator we can now publish our package to that orchestrator.
once published, we can find the nupkg file in this folder “C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Projects”
from there we can get the .nupkg file and that file can be sent to the customer if they are in need of the package or the workflow that was designed by us
once after receiving the file, they need to extract that nupkg file so that they can see the workflow by opening the main.xaml

Then for this

in this case there are three options
–either they can upload the nupkg file that we send by above method through PROCESS tab in orchestrator, where in that tab click on the PACKAGE TAB within that and upload the .nupkg file
then we need to create a process for that package we uploaded and they can execute from their own orchestrator

–or if you can give them the access to your orchestrator by creating a user in orchestrator so that they can get into your orchestrator and just press play in JOBS tab whenever they need

–or if they have their own orchestrator and if possible if they can give you the access to use their orchestrator by creating a user, then you can upload the package to that orchestrator and create a process and then run the job

hope this would help you
kindly try this based on your feasibility and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Mariafig


Hi there @Mariafig

Regarding the above question - Best practice would be a source control like GIT, SVN of TFS through which both parties can keep track of changes and upgrades and revert to any version that you deem fit. Emailing should not even be an option unless you are doing some POC and sending them a sample. Production/UAT code should always be in version control - at the least you can use a sharepath that logs all activities (or at least use Orchestrator directly to upload published packages)

This is very achievable. Ask the customer to give you a certain role that enables you to upload the package that you developed and update it as the latest current package to be run in JOBs. Then once deployment is done, they can just select the process and ‘press play.’ (For more details on Orchestrator please do go through the documentation the @Palaniyappan supplied on packages and Orchestrator. )

At least not now, as the Robots need to be provisioned and the packages need to be uploaded/deployed and need to ‘run a job’. Running a XAML that you send through email with just ‘PLAY’ can only be achieved from attended automation. Is that the case? DO get back on this … :slight_smile:

Also, among all the RPA tools UiPath has FREE academy training, FREE certification program and extensive documentation on all features and a FREE community edition for non-commercial purposes so hope the forum also helps you turn into a ‘veteran’ from ‘new’.

Best Regards :slight_smile:


Wow, this is amazing feedback!!! This will definitely help :slight_smile: Thank you for the quick respons and the help!

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Wow, this is amazing feedback!!! This will definitely help :slight_smile:

Thank you very mutch for the help, tips and tricks!

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