Share uipath process

Can I share UiPath process with someone else who doesn’t have a UiPath studio? And how?
I mean another one can run my process and it will work in his laptop

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Kindly check below topics

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Hi @r.abusamhan, welcome to the Community.

It is possible to achieve the specified purpose like this:

→ Share the package file (.nupkg) with the person who wants to run the process on their laptop.

→ The person who wants to run the process needs to have UiPath Assistant installed on their laptop. UiPath Assistant is a desktop application that manages the execution of automation processes.

→ Once UiPath Assistant is installed, the person should open it and import the package you shared with them. They can do this by clicking on the Packages tab, then the Add button, and selecting the package (.nupkg) file.

→ After importing the package, the person can find the process in the Processes tab of the Assistant.

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