Calculate Client Security Hash Upload Assig

I created the Robot and tested and everything works fine, however when i send the Calculate Client Security Hash Zip file to uipath academy I always get 0 points but I don’t get any message, if I look at ACME System I see that probably the robot didn’t even start, can anyone help with this?


Make sure the project follows the walkthrough exactly as written. Even if you accomplish the task given, you may still get a 0/100 because the automated grading system does not detect the expected structure of your project.



Try this, it might help you…

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I spent all day but still I got 0 points, I used REFramework, I create two folders, SHA1Online, System1 place inside certain xaml files and I invoke files in the framework as is described and on my computer everything works, the same if I call the process from the orchestrator works as well. Can the filenames and names of the propertiy in the configuration file and the credentilas name in the orchestra cause this problem?

Also hash is correct no space between ClienID-ClientName-ClientCountry but I parse client informattion and my hash looks like this: MH61370-CarlySitzman-Italy


I can’t tell if your hash code is correc, if you have no errors… I guess it should be the hash code, that ain’t correct.

Do a manual check as mentioned above. Check if the hash code is correct.

Let me know how it goes…

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This is string prepared for hash and this string I type into Input Field on Sha1-online and I got hash and place that hash in comment field in update item, also I set status to complete.


Did you check your generated hash code? if it’s correct? Mostly that’s the issue… Do follow the link i gave you and check the hash code.

Let me know if it’s correct or not…

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I am having the same issue and I did not follow the walkthrough all the way-folder naming conventions etc. Code works locally but I get 0/100 on academy. After academy gives grade. I check the Acme site. Noticed that status/hash code is not set for any items in work items (of type calc hash items). Getting 0 feedback so it is difficult to determine the delta.

Does anyone know if there is some type of pre-validation check on project or if the testing Automation only executes main, grabs results, and validates? Oh, I used the GetAppCredentials.xaml file to rtv credentials. Same username for both acme and academy. Only space is pre-hash string is btwn first name and last name. I don’t think that matters because it appears that, in academy, it doesn’t make it to modify any work item.

Hey, I just got the answer for my issue. I kept resetting data prior to submission. I actually had to run the bot to complete all the items and THEN submit my workflow. After that 100/100. If you look at the acme instructions it explains why. The academy instructions gave me the impression to not reset the data while pending (recently submitted but not graded).

Hey, not sure if you are still looking to the answer.
But I think you should first test your result. take an WI5 work item, click Upload_Item. and then you will find the hash code. combine that hash code with the manual result and check if you miss a space in your workflow.
let me know if you still get the problem.