Calculate Client Security Hash working fine on my system but assignment is failed


All work items are processing without any issues with completed status with valid hash. Once after uploading the .zip file test failed error message I’m getting 0/100 failed message.

Anything I’m missing here?

Oh Sorry, As mentioned We need to run the robot on our local machine and we need to submit the assignment, Thanks I’m able to clear the evaluation.


Make sure to use the same Email ID (used for Academy) to Run your application on ACME System 1.

Hi @Sandesh_m_m,

Hope this could help you, check if the details is getting uploaded correctly and also that do not reset your test data before submission.

There are many post on the forum that I think can help you:

Check them and let us know :slight_smile:

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Hi, The same issue I aslo facing. Though I am able to run successfully in my system, I am unable to pass the Exam.

Note: 1. I have run the workflow successfully and then uploaded the compressed format without resetting it before

  1. Hash code has no spaces

Please help me to Pass this exam

Hi Balamareeswaran_Muru,

Should there be spaces in the Client Name? (eg “Joe-Smith” or “Joe Smith”)??


Hi Pduffy,

I am able to complete the assignments successfully.:slight_smile:



That’s great. Can you please advice on what changes you made to be able to complete the assignment?