I can't Passed Calculate Client Security Hash - Assignment

Hello every one I trying to upload calculate client security hash - assignment over than 9 times all of then failed, Although it’s work perfect .
Can any one help me.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Ahmed-Elkhatib

Check weither you pass the correct Hash Code…

Follow below link to do so… :point_down:

Let me know how it goes for you… :wink:


Hello mz3bel,
First of all thanks for your responded, so i do your steps one by one after that i zipped my workflow but it failed again.
i don’t know where is the mistake exactly, so i attached sha1 and my output panel no errors and all are fine but… :worried:
Your help please.


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Send me your project by mail, in private, I’ll give it a close look and get back to you…

I will.

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