Calculate Client Security Hash not complete

Hello, I have problems to complete the Calculate Client Security Hash Assigment. I upload and send my solution, but the note is 0/100 Points, although when I try it this works correctly. Any idea what is problem?

Hello @Alfredo_Raul_Eustaquio_Ba

Two possible things… check if you use the same email on academy and acme and if the hash code is correct…

To check the hash code follow the link below :point_down:

Thanks! This solve that, but it shows another problems. Now, my score is 100/100, but I can’t continue with the other activities. Any idea? image

Hi @Alfredo_Raul_Eustaquio_Ba

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Please do not hesitate to contact our Academy Support team with this query at this link:

Assignment name Total Items Completed Items Correct Items Score Validation Code Status
Assignment 1 - Calculate Client Security Hash 20 20 0 0 nNuJTO Failed

I am getting this, I am not sure what is wrong. I have completed assignment, I have also generated package. I am able to run the code from Orchestrator. Not ure what is incorrect and what is the validation process to get 100% pass?


Can you share an example of your pre-hash value and post hash value from the automation?
Pre-hash should look like DF5455-John Doe-Italy. Make sure all of the spaces are trimmed around the individual strings before concatenation.

If string formatting is the issue, then you will need to first rerun the bot again before submitting the workflow zip file to academy for grading.

Correction: reset data run the bot again to set data for academy to validate against, then submit the zipped project to academy for grading.

Hi @Alfredo_Raul_Eustaquio_Ba same issue is with me i run security hash assignment perfectly fine in ui studio with zero error in output panel while uploading zip file it gives me 0/100 please help me with this issue

same issue here , I am getting wrong hash from sha1 but I have correct Input of ClientID-ClientName-ClientCountry to sha1 search bar. please help

Hi @joserey.vergara

Check again following this example, let me know how it goes for you :slight_smile:


Good afternoon sir/madam
I got error in calculate client harsh security I upload my output plz help to out from issues

Plz help me guys