Calculate Client Security Hash - Upload Assignment-Fail

Hello, I have done the exercise successfully and every time I upload it it tells me that it is wrong. But he doesn’t tell me why. Has someone happened to him? Thank you

Hi @Ana_Fuentes_Navarro ,

After completion of development, have you compressed the file and uploaded? Please follow below instruction given by UiPath


Please let us know here, if you are still facing issue. Thanks

Yes , i follow this and they said always 0/100 so i dont know how pass the excercises

Hi @Ana_Fuentes_Navarro ,

Does the BOT generates expected output as given in the academy instructions? The evaluation is and automatic process and only if your assignment passes all the validation steps you will be graded. Make sure you followed below instructions from UiPath:

The assignment should be submitted after all items are completed by the robot, while NOT resetting the test data until getting the grade. The grade consists on the number of correct items divided by the total number of items. Grading can take a few minutes.

The criteria for a correct processed item is based on the instructions in the provided PDD and is the following:

  • Status Completed
  • comment contains correct security hash - Pay close attention on the formula ([ClientID]-[ClientName]-[ClientCountry] - Example: AD38755-Austin Villacorta-Italy) with no spaces between the dashes and without the brackets

I run again in my pc and i have this out put

and in acme page i have this

Hi @Ana_Fuentes_Navarro ,
Yes, this looks strange.

@loginerror - Please look into this.

Thank you

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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Can you try by deleting the output file and upload. I got the error once due to it.

i cant see the button to delete this, because i upload always a new zip folder with all the process

I have same problem. Did you solve this problem? İf you solve it, can you help me?

I have the same problem for days now. Even my coworker looked over my code and was like “looks good to me”. She passed the test like half a year ago. So she compared it to her own code.
There where two little things we changed to the better on my code, uploaded again but again: 0/100. With no clue what i should change.

Anyone has a solution for this?

Mahrie :bear:

Sorry, i cant solve this yet, if i have the solution i will post here.

@loginerror maybe you can help us!

couple of things just to double check - 1) you are using the same email address for ACME system as you are on the academy, 2) that every one of the client security hash workitems in the ACME system under your login have been completed and have the correct notes etc.

Please have a look at the topics on this search query:

Each contains a post that is marked as a solution to the 0/100 score :slight_smile:

En mi caso, también el resultado me daba 0/100. Pero en el resultado del estado tiene que ser “Completed” y yo lo tenía “completed”. Al poner la c en mayúsculas me dieron un 100/100.

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Probaré eso, aunque ahora tenga que cambiar el navegador a edge. Muchas gracias!