Calculate Client Security Hash Code (Fail = Total Items: 13 Completed Items: 13 Correct Items: 0)


How to verify if the Client Security Hash Code is correct ?

To do so, follow this setps :point_down:

1 - Log In to ACME System 1
2 - On Home page, go to Work Items
3 - Look for an item, which has WI5 as “Type” and Completed as “Status”
4 - Click on the loop on your left
5 - Copy ClientID, ClientName and ClientCountry
6 - Go to SHA1 and other hash functions online generator
7 - Enter data previously copied like this “NO SPACE” :point_down:


8 - Copy the Hash code
9 - Go back to the “Client Information Details”, the one which from you copied the data…
10 - Click on “Update Work Item”
11 - You should see your old “Hash Code”, on the “Comment”, compare it to your “NEW ONE”

If the “Hash Code” isn’t the same, that means you have to check your syntax… code must be as this :point_down:

ClientID + “-” + ClientName + “-” + ClientCountry

Cheers :slight_smile:


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