Buttons as an option for execution

Good afternoon guys, I have been working on a data load project with 4 execution options that can be executed sequentially or on time. Question:

Does UiPath have any activity that allows you to create “buttons” where the user would select the desired option? Ex:

I have the functions a, b, c, d

And the buttons:

When selecting button 1 (can be via a dialog box), uipath would rotate the functions in order: 2> 3> 1

and so on. How could I do that?


@jesse.oliveira Have you Checked this Activity for the Options part of your Question :


And About rotation of functions, I guess we would need a bit more detail on that part, as to what you are actually doing :sweat_smile:

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Yes, I know.

I will try to be more clea.

I have 4 workflows that I will call here A, B, C and D.

These 4 flows can be executed in sequence, that is:
A → B → C → D.

However, the client can execute any of the flows in isolation.

A or B or C or D.

It can happen that he executes such a sequence:

A → C → D OR
A → D and so on.

My question is, with an input dialog activity could I take a code and trigger a predetermined sequence of execution?

For example.
The client putting “cod 1”, would execute the sequence: A → B → C → D

The client placing “Cod 2”, would execute the sequence: A → C → D

Thank you for any contribution.

You can use this to make your workflow more simple, just use the options property to populate them… if you want to see something more complex, please look into this:

@jesse.oliveira I guess you’ll need to use Switch Case for that kind of Implementation, I can think of only that for now. So Switch case Works like this :

  1. The Input is Saved in variable say, InputVar.
  2. The variable is used in the Expression field.
  3. In the Cases provide different values that the variable InputVar can have.
  4. For Each of the Values, Define the Workflows in the Order you need it.

I guess this is one Solution.