Create User Input to Order Robot Perform any Process

Good morning all.

Sorry I am newbie, and my English is not quite precise.

I need to automate my work flow process. There are 5 process which are similar but have to used user interface separately. I would like to make only one robot which contain 5 processes and It will run the process once I input the number to a form at the first time robot start running.

What I am stuck here is how can I make an input box for me to input the number, then robot will perform accordingly.


Hello and good morning @ThouChhing_Yam

You can do this in two ways.

Simplest way:
Use a input dialog activity. In the activity there is an option to create a list item where it will give the user to select from a drop down.

The output of this can be a number or a string depending on your need.
Next use a Switch activity. This will allow you to break the flow into multiple sub paths depending on the value the user selects… Using that, you can invoke the processes you need.

Little bit of a hard way since you are a newbie:
Using UiPath Forms activity to build a nice interface and getting the value from there…

If you use this method, Switch activity will remain the same, but you have to use Form creator to get the input.

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Good morning @Lahiru.Fernando,

Well noted your suggestions. Let me work on it at first. Let me share my results later.
Thanks so much for your contributions.