A solution - to show values of several time performed same proces

I need a dropdown type functionality (menu) without using uipath forms or a solution to this logic.

Imagen flow is…
UiPath forms
task/application 1
task/application 2
task/application 3

User want to go back to uipath forms after performaing task 1 several time.
Let say user have used uipath forms 3 time…
Means 3 time user have run (Uipath forms) process and have selected different values each time and continued to Task 1.
Now before peforming Task 2 I want a dropdown or input dialog or any other way to solv this… where user can see the data they have selected the last 3 times and choose which they wants to perform first.

create dynamic table is one solution i can think of but I want to solv this without dynamic table or uipath forms as it do running process slow.

can some help to that…