Building an automation bot

Hi Experts,

I am currently working on a bot where it would look like,

-Login to web system ( managed to do and login successfully )
-Download Data by click image after inputing 6digit number ( the debug is not consistent, error or no respond at times by using all click button features )
-If the number is not available, then shall skip to the next number capture from excel data, and write a remark for “No available” example, in excel remark column
-the bot shall continue to read the next following number
-Then gotta match 2 pdf data(in several category only, if match then write to excel, else stop and send notification by email if there is an error like no match example.

Would it be big and possible to get this bot creation done by UiPath?


Hello @Alfred_Gan

As per the use case that you have shared, automation using UiPath is possible.
For better exception handling and logging you can use the Re-framework.


This is doable, start building this and let us know if yoy struck somewhere

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Hi @Alfred_Gan ,

As already mentioned, using ready prepared frameworks from UiPath such as RE-Framework, You should be able to work on the steps provided.

However, Some concerns do arise as I see “Download data by Click Image” , Is a Click Image really required, trying to keep the elements to the Selector approach would be much more feasible and maintainable. However, If the image is the only approach, we could adopt it as well.

Let us know if you face any issues during the designing phase.

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RE Framework is overcomplicated and overkill, and shouldn’t be recommended to a beginner.

Have you completed the free training on the UiPath Academy web site? It covers these kind of things.

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@postwick but his usecase seems to be a transactional based… So if he can take the training Reframework will be the better option to create more stable automation

No, it won’t. RE Framework is bloated, overcomplicated, and overkill for this kind of automation. It would be a much better learning experience for a beginner to create processes from scratch and over time build their own framework (like we’ve done) that accommodates their internal standards.

Even the UiPath template for transactional processes would be a better starting point than REF.


Hi All,

Thank you for your promptly replied and use recommendation.

Let me elaborate more on the bot creation,

First of all this bot objective is to match data in between (PDF to PDF),

But before we could do that, i must teach the robot on inputting/clicking on how to login to my inhouse web system, so far i have no issue on that and done generating PDFs from both web system

The first challenging part ive encounter is, how to use IF(or any other features in UiPath)no report number, then skip to following number input to web system from excel data, and it would also need to put a remark to excel remark column something like wording “NO JOB”.

The second challenge is, how do i teach robot to match certain wording in between PDF to PDF, says if the both PDF have description like example

a) abc
b) def
c) ghi
d) jkl
e) mno

And both PDF must match with certain word like maybe A to A file, B to B file.

Hope you understand my explaination. do let me know if the xaml and data file is required to work things out.

many thanks!

Hi Experts,

What expression could i use if there is no job number appear on web, then write remark in excel column, else continue the job execution as i did below.

it can be either way, if job number appear on web is there then execute the process, else it shall write remark in excel and continue

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