Help/opinions needed for an automation :)


I’m beginner to UIpath and need your kind opinions to solve 1 automation:
I have input excel file of 150k rows which contains companies with country codes and other columns.

*Robot should group input excel list to 8 individual groups based on country codes - what would be the best/time efficient method for this?

*Robot should validate each group in one week, so each group should be validated in 1 week(new week=new group, robot runs for 2 months), then robot should be dormant for 1 month and then repeat the whole process all over again. - what would be good way to solve this?

*After 1 group has been validated(working validation activity has been found) robot has to gather all ID’s with invalid data and perform additional tasks and send emails per group and per country code to pre-defined email addresses:

Robot has to perform additional tasks for all invalid ID’s in web application/business application with some exceptions for example:
If column “E” has value 1 then e-mail has to be sent
If column “D” has value 3 then-email has to be sent
If column “F” has a value then open application and perform additional tasks, no value no additional tasks and so on.

Can you please suggest some time efficient methods to handle this?

Thanks for your feedback.