Excel Automation - get data from system to excel with if/else decision

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my plan is a robot which types number after number into a system, get data for each number and summarizes this Information in a excel file.

I already implemented a program which iterates through a excel list and types number after number into the system.
The difficulty is, some numbers are not existing in the system. If a number does not exist there will be a popup “number does not exist in the system”. Now I want that if there is this popup the robot should click “ok” (then the popup closes) and write “x” into a list. If the number exists in the system, the robot should copy a text from a certain position and paste it into the same list.

  1. question: how can I get this if/else decision with the popup? How can my robot recognize this popup and follow a if/else decision? (if there is the popup do write a x into a list, else copy text and paste into the list)

  2. question: how to save it in a excel file? (write x or copy text and summarize in excel list, maybe there are already some examples and you have a link for me)

I’m quite a noob in UIPath, maybe you can take this into account while answering.

Thank you very much!!! :slight_smile:

So you can use an element exist on the pop up - this will pass out a boolean. Then use and If decision on that using the boolean to handle the pop up or move on.
Depending on what you want to do, you can read it into a datatable, amend the datatable and then use the write range to enter it back into an excel file.

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