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Dear experts…I am novice in uipath and need your help. I am trying to automate a process where i have to copy a table from a web portal and paste in the excel which will have id number. I need to click copy the id number and click in the web and download the attachments from the portal by creating a folder by id and save the attachments.

this might be a extremely simple task bu as i am new can you please help me out

  • For reading table use Datascraping.
  • To write in excel use Excel application scope with write range activity.
  • Loop each row in Datatable using for each row activity.
  • To create folder with ID, use create folder activity.
  • To Click on download button, use click activity.

Thanks vivek

Your welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just give me some time. just one question how do I make sure whatever is completed should not be processed again, meaning the table is dynamic and will have ids, the ids which have been completed should not be downloaded again.


Have one more column in the Excel with the status. Once the id is processed, update the status column for that Id and save the excel file.

Karthik Byggari

For each row will loop each item only once. So there are no chance of duplication. Also you can add a status as completed as suggested by @KarthikByggari.


I am getting this error while scraping or click element

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