How to handle BoT struck situations?

Hellow Everone,

I ran the BoT for creating PDF files based on Excel file from 34 hours, BoT Struck in one place but Uipath Robot is in Running state.

Actually based on Excel file BoT should create 4900 PDFs, for this Bot will take min 36 hours time, But since 30 hours BoT running successfully after that BoT struck in one place.

Still i did’t get any Exceptions form BoT.

Please help me on this,
Thank in Advance.

Hi @Venakat
May be its in loop and still trying to satisfy the loop condition and repeating the same.
try to read your logs.



If possible use the queues, then if the bot fails at one record it won’t effect the previous data or next records.

Hi @balu

Thanks for your quick replay.

Yes, it is struck in loop only, But there is no any infinity type or other things.

In my personal lap it is working fine(used production data). i don’t no why it is not working in Production.

do you have any other idea?

No, i can’t use queues here, because we are creating Pdfs based on collection of rows.

there are few things which you can try it out,
inside loop make sure you change all properties - Wait for Ready to complete and reduce the timeoutMS to 5 secs.
Have it inside try catch and use re-throw in catch.