Build your first automation - First Automation using Microsoft Office

Beatrice … I think in real work we store invoices by day, in order to have a backup, so the problem solves like that.

Very happy to get into the Uipath world. In the exercise, I add a cc mail account and also works ok. Video easy to follow the only thing it was how quick is explain by the relator, I’m not a native speaker, but of course, I go back where I stuck jajajja …

There is a step (“For Each Mail”) where you limit the emails to those received that day. If you sent the emails but didn’t run the project until a later day, then this could be the problem. Just change “Today” to a longer period.

Can you change this setting through UiPath? How?

The guy is rocket fast, its very hard to cope up with him without pausing accouple of times which gets frustrating. you guys should introduce 0.75 speed adjustment on your speed options. 0.5 is too slow, 1 is too fast. please. thanks

it´s wonderfull, just i want learn more. The example is very good explain. Thanks.

Hi everyone,

I just having trouble with the UiPath assistant. When I start the automation from the studio, it was going with no issue but if I was starting from the assistant, some activities (like getting text or clicking) give an error.

Is something anyone happened like this? Would you please inlight me?

thank you so much.

I am very impressed with the documents and video material. Very easy to understand and follow the flows.

Good way to start learning the RPA…

Great Job!

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Hi I followed every step as said in video. But I can’t see generating pdfs in PDFs folder. Not sure what I’m missing here. Please shed some light .Thanks a lot !

Everything works correctly up until the process gets run from UiPath Assistant. The process runs, and completes, however, the file outputs for the PDFs and Invoices are not there.