Bug in the UIPath Academy Training Videos

Anybody else having the issue of not being able to replay a lesion video once completed. I would like to review a lesion but is unable on any course at all.

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Yes I have felt the same while I am trying to play the same content after pause as well as replay.

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For workarounds -

Issue replaying videos on UiPath Academy Academy

I found another workaround, as it also doesn’t work for me on Firefox nor Chrome. (what doesn’t work seems to be navigating through the video via clicks on the progress bar). On Firefox, you can use this workaround: Load the page with the video Left click the video once Press Left arrow on your keyboard until you reach the beginning of the video. You can now watch it.


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Thank you guys, I think they fixed the Bug. i can now go back to previous videos. The only other issue I have seen is sometimes the captions stop working no matter what you do.

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What browser are you using?