Academy video not loading on 3 browsers

All videos do not load. Tried on Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge. All courses display similar messages, cannot reach the videos, took too long to respond.
Video transcripts can only help so much. We cannot view the videos. Maybe another video provider can help. We cannot finish the courses due to this issue.
Allowing Flash does not resolve the issue.

Please help. Thank you!

Was there ever a resolution to this? I am having the same issue across multiple browsers, multiple Internet connections, multiple Operating Systems, multiple platforms, etc etc. I get the error on 50% of the videos. The video’s that have the issue are consistent and will never load. I have opened two ticket’s with UIPath support, both have been closed prior to finding a resolution. Each week I start a new Zoom session with a new support team and show them the same issue, they close the case and I reopen it. This is making it difficult for partners to obtain training.

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