Browser TextField changing ID

Hello guys!
I’m trying to automate something here (I’m in the very beggining), but I’m having some issues related to dynamic selectors.
The flow should be like this:
UI opens this address: (sometimes it takes long to open, but no prob)

Then it clicks on the first “man” image:

After that, the problem begins.
I have these 2 fields, 1 text and another is the password. Both of them are dynamic and change the selectors (like id and parent id).

That’s the first run:

That’s the second run:

I’ve tried setting ‘*’ on both properties, but sometimes it returns an error saying it wasn’t found, sometimes it just skips this field and goes to the next.

How could I “find” both fields properly?
I also tried Anchor base, but it doesn’t seem to work, I don’t know exactly why…


Use aaname instead of id and parentid

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