Dynamic Selectors - Attributes ( Parent ID or ID)

During a web automation, I have to fill in details as in screenshot. But the selectors are changing for every login within all fields.

The only attribute changing is parent ID. I couldn’t arrive any pattern. so I tried anchor base which is also not working. Kindly suggest some better approach.

<webctrl id=‘saw_23031_40_1_D’ tag=‘INPUT’ type=‘text’ />

Hi @Sugumar8785,

Can you share the UIExplorer screenshot and maybe highlight the part that changes at login?

Thank you

Please find the screenshot of UiExplorer. The other unselected attributes are almost similar with the other fields.

Coming to changing selector,
<webctrl id= ‘saw_23031_40_1_D’ tag=‘INPUT’ type=‘text’ / >

For every login, the five digit value is changing 23031, the rest of the digits specify the position of the inputbox which is also changing randomly.

For example , if 40_1 is Report As of Date field in first, it is also changing often.

Can you anchor to the text of the field using the aaname but not the id?

It seems like the page is dynamically genereted at every login and so you can rely only on text as a reference

Is that possible?