Automating Web Application Xpath issue

Hi all,

I’m trying to automate a web page and need to enter a data in a text box while running error occurs as UI element not found while trying to solve found that xpath is changing dynamically need to insert a absolute xpath in my workflow please help me… Thanks

Can you post your selector?

Wildcard characters (?, *) can be used to make the selector dynamic


@info2sri94 can you share web page url

hi I cant able to share URL due to security reason the issue is parent id is changing dynamically whenever page gets refresh.

@info2sri94 See in parent id which numbers are changing and pass * in parent id

hi thanks for your quick reply can you give some example to give the input * in parent ID please

@info2sri94 If example parentid=‘cgrid2_15137892406’ is changing for second time than pass parentid=‘cgrid2_*’ check which number is changing and pass *

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Hi really thanks for your support.

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