Dynamic id issue in idenifying web elements

I tried automating entry to data to textbox. But the unique identifier value (id) that detects the position of the textbox changes after each session. So, it can’t be run after once. Moreover, I don’t have other such values to add to Selector.

How can I solve the issue?


We can also use some stable element around the target as anchor.
Is there any stable element around the target (for example fixed text etc.)?


There is fixed test denoting the name of field.

Hi @Gopalakrishnan_K,

Can you please try to find if there any ‘aaname’ or ‘innertext’ attributes present in any row in selector editor? These would have name of the field. Or any other attribute that is not changing?

Using any of those or some other attribute that remains static, we should be able to identify element.



Can you try the following steps?

First, open UiExplorer
Then, select target element using “Indicate Element” in menu bar.
Next, select fixed text using “Indicate Anchor” in menu bar.
Finally, we can get selector relative with fixed text. Add some tuning if needed.